Why take your computer apart and “schlep” it across town when we’ll come right to your door. Don’t ignore your computers errors and hope the problem will go away. You can talk to tech support in India or call us at 954-986-4222.


Question is not If your computer will “crash”, it is when. Don’t be caught without a backup. We can help you implement a backup system, so that you don’t have to call us when a hurricane is already over Bahamas.

And when you give your old PC to charity make sure there’s no personal data left on the hard drive. Call us, we’ll transfer it to your new PC.


If you are new to computers you’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to worry how to plug it in or which wire goes to what port. Just give us a call and we’ll do it for you. We’ll even show you around your new toy. Just few of our tips and tricks can save you hours of work and tons of money.

If the so called “EASY INSTALLATION VIDEO” or “EASY 1,2,3 STEP-BY-STEP MANUAL” doesn’t seem so “EASY” give us a call we’ll install it in no time, and all in comfort of your home or office. WE COME TO YOU!


We can upgrade your old PC. We replace old, small, slow hard drives with a new high speed, high capacity or SSD units. We can add memory, install backup drive, DVD burner or a fast new video card for you. And best off all – everything in your home or office. You never have to drag the system to us nor do you have to wait for weeks, everything is done in the matter of hours.



You are already paying for a DSL or Cable line that can support multiple computers on one fast internet connection. Share your files and printers with ease. Let us “hook you up” with a wired or wireless network that actually works. Protect your self with a router/firewall even if you have only one computer.


We provide number of services in the field of Internet: hosting your web site, domain name registration, web site design and development, etc. Please visit our PORTFOLIO page for more info.

  • TROUBLESHOOTING (on-site or over the web)

Is your computer slow because of all those spyware and adware programs your kids downloaded from Limewire or Kazaa? SYSTEM FAILURE? Erratic drives? Strange error messages? CALL US FIRST! We’ll come to you and we’ll get it done. We’ll do it right, first time! Every time! We can customize your system, fine-tune your computer’s memory and hard drive to insure that you get the performance that you expect. And now for the fraction of the cost we can do it remotely from our office right away.


We’ll get you up and running! Try our one-on-one in-home, hands-on training in popular software packages. You never have to leave your home or office. The attention of our staff is all yours, all the time. When scheduling classes we ask: “What time is it convenient for you?” We do it all, whether you need Computer Basics, Intermediate or Advanced Lessons we’ll be able to help.

And, if after lessons follow up on the phone or Remote Support is necessary we are here to help, we’ll never let you down.



Do you have software that’s hard to install? NO PROBLEM. Need program customized to you needs? NO PROBLEM. Can’t find the program to do what you need it to do? NO PROBLEM. Just give us a call.


We don’t sell computers, but if you need an ADVICE on what to buy, what to ask for, what type of software would do the job for you – we can help. Use this service and you’ll save money by not buying things you don’t need and missing the ones you do. Just give us a call and we’ll get you taken care off.