We offer web site hosting and design.

Here are general steps required to setup and run a web site correctly.

  1. Register a unique web site name (DOMAIN) – This is your own address on the web. Most of good names are already taken, so even if you don’t need your web site up and running right now – REGISTER A DOMAIN!!! Call us and for just $30 dollars a year we can make sure that some other “John Smith” doesn’t get your name before you do.
  2. Let’s analyze your needs and wants – This is a stage at which we discuss you goals, target market, information, products or services you wish to offer on your web site.
  3. Web Hosting and E-mail Server – This is where all your web site information gets “served from” to your visitors. Inspire confidence in your potential clients that they are doing business with a professional, organized and efficient company and not some fly-by-night individual with an e-mail address at AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail, BellSouth etc.
  4. Creativity and Design – Your web site can be as glamorous as you want it to be or as simple as you can afford. Sometimes less is more and in web design simple slim web site will load faster and display better on people’s computers. Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.
  5. Approving final design – When all is said and done you get to put your feet up and enjoy fruits of our labor. “Homepage, sweet homepage”
  6. Search engine and optimization – Most popular search engines (like Google) do not even consider your web site until IT has been on the net for 6 months up to 2 years. That’s why we believe you need to register your site and get it up and running – EVEN IF IT IS NOT PERFECT – as soon as possible. We can always do minor tweaking latter and we will certainly make sure it is optimized to give you best exposure for your buck.
  7. Maintenance and updates – There’s nothing worse then a stale web site. Links pointing to dead web sites, outdated calendars of events, old style navigation or graphics. From time to, just like any advertising materials it need to be touched up. These very inexpensive but crucial updates will insure that your visitors keep coming back for more.

If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to call us at 954-986-4222 or email us.